Popular Questions About Bestmixer


Those who interested in anonymous cryptocurrency earning probably have heard about Bestmixer. It’s a service which deletes names and addresses from the transactions history. However, not everyone knows how to use it and we want to explain it answering simple questions.

What does Bestmixer do?

The service removes customers’ order history in 24 hours. It helps not to be detected by government, companies or cybercriminals. It changes your coins to the same amount of them but without giving anyone your personal data.

Who can use it?

Anyone, who wants to stay anonymous with coins transactions. Bestmixer isn’t available for USA residents.

How to start?

Press the “Start Mixing!” button and follow the instructions.

How much does it cost?

There are few factors defining the fees: a type of coin, the amount of mixing and current of network occupancy. For example, the lowest fee for Bitcoin is 0,5%, and if you change 50 coins you’ll get 40% discount with a 0,3% minimum fee. More info: https://bestmixer.io/en

Which coins can I mix?

There are 3 options available: Bitcoin, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash. The developers are going to add Ethereum too. The smallest amount of each you can change is 0,005.

What are the guarantees it’s effective?

There are 3 pools which regulate how effective your transactions are: Alpha, Beta, and Gamma. Choose the suitable one to mix coins in funds for your personal case.
There are more questions which we want to answer so stay tuned for new articles about Bestmixer.