How to Reduce the Risks Devoted to Cryptocurrency Investing


ICO Catalog is a service for estimating the potential profits for the cryptocurrency. Ratings based on objective facts, useful articles, and guides, and an ability to add your own tokens are there.

Earning money on crypto isn’t an absolutely safe thing. Be ready to lose much until you know more about the mechanisms of getting bigger profits. If you don’t want to waste, read this article and know how to be ready for everything on cryptocurrency market.

Compare the coins for investing

The problem is that it’s hard to find objective information about all coins in one place. Forums, doubtful websites, and reviews from “experts” won’t help to make the right choice. Investing in cryptocurrency seems to be less risky when you use ICO Catalog. On this website, there are almost 300 types of coins which are being compared to different factors. The authors collect the data about traffic, a number of backlinks, evaluation, activity, potency, messages, and EAP. So every visitor can choose the most profitable tokens.

Be aware of the latest news

Following blogs and forums isn’t the only thing which helps investors, but it shouldn’t be ignored. It’s a must to know top coins, their capitalization, and the algorithms they work on. New tokens are always doubtful but some of them bring much money in future. Knowing the tendencies also helps those who have their own ICOs and want to attract new investors.

Use services which provide safety

Of course, all reliable tokens should be protected from DDoS attacks. Except for that investors should use mixing services and withdraw the profits to offline wallets.