Everything for Renovation is in One Place: Ideas, Prices, and Knowledge


If you want to be more aware of interior design, find the ideas for your home renovation, or just like looking at different flats and searching for inspiration – visit interiorseye.com. In this article, we’ll tell you more about this website.

The Internet is full of pictures with ideal interiors. You look at the Instagram and Pinterest photos and think you’ll never have the same bedroom. This time ended when Interiorseye appeared. It’s a website which not only collects the ideas for an interior design but shows the alternatives and helps to buy them.

Styles, Materials, and Rooms

If you visit the website, you’ll see the convenient filter which sorts all pictures by styles, materials, and types of rooms. There are 14 styles, 23 rooms, and 45 materials represented. Also, one may choose whether he or she wants inside or outside renovations. There are options not only for flats but for gardens and offices. All these things are made to help you in making the right choice and getting the interior you really want.

Prices and links

The main difference between this website and others is that it shows the prices of all details. Each of the photos has a clickable price tag leading to Amazon. You can buy the furniture right from the website. Except for the things you see in the photos, the website will offer the options to replace unsuitable tables and chairs.

The usual features

If you visit such websites only for inspiration, it will allow you to save the photos to Pinterest. There’s a special button on the top of every photo. Moreover, there are useful articles for getting more knowledge in interior design.