Choosing the best service for push notifications


Push notifications are short messages that pop up in the upper right or left corner of your screen notifying you about different things starting with airlines sales and ending with the recent news. Choosing the best service for push ads will help make the notifications effective.

About push notifications

Every active internet user has already seen push notifications and subscribed to them. They can be found on any device, be it a smartphone, tablet, laptop or just a computer.

This notification, if you subscribe, does not bind to a browser session and appears on top of all windows.

To date, this type of mailing is gaining huge popularity. The user does not need to register, provide his e-mail, fill out any additional data, etc. Here, the user just needs to agree to a subscription or refuse, that’s the whole task.

Initially, similar push notifications were used to send reminders from various programs, for example, to update the antivirus, etc. With the use of the push notification service, it becomes clear that this type of mailing is easier, faster, much more convenient and, as practice shows, cheaper than regular e-mail mailing.

There are many advantages of using push ads such as no need to enter your e-mail and register for mailing. Registration is a tedious business, it is much easier to enter the email, but it also needs to be confirmed that again not everyone does.

All that a person needs to subscribe to push notifications is simply to click Subscribe or Refuse. It’s fast and the person does not need to confirm anything.

Another advantage is the percentage of message delivery in push notifications, i.e. your mailing list. And the percentage of clicking on them is very encouraging.

With e-mail mailing there is complexity because of the anti-spam system, so the percentage of delivery decreases accordingly.

Why use push notifications? For everything. Of course, in the e-mail subscriptions, you have much more space to write or think through the whole presentation, while in the pushes, you can enter a title with a limited number of characters (usually 125), insert a link to go to the site, and that’s all. But the goal is the same – the user will click on your link to the site. When using the push monetization website, push notifications are created literally in a minute and you can send several messages at once, but be careful – users may unsubscribe if you send out too many notifications.