BPM suites as an Irreplaceable Tool for Digital Transformation


Today’s fast-paced business environment is filled with some major challenges. These challenges usually include strong competition, changes in the global economy, technological advancements, number of various regulations, and customers’ ever-evolving expectations. So, as a result, it is impossible for businesses to maintain competitive on the market unless they properly adapt to digital transformation.

To be more precise, according to Gartner, more than 20 percent of businesses lose their competitiveness on an annual basis due to their digital incompetence. So, if you are a business owner striving for success and improvements, the best way to achieve your objectives in terms of digital transformation is by using BPM suites technology.

In this article, we will provide you with ways this powerful automation technology can help you advance your business and experience long-term success.

What is a digital transformation?

A digital transformation is a widely used term which mostly refers to the process of using various digital technologies with a goal for businesses to increase their efficiency, become more competitive, and increase their customer satisfaction, as well as their profits.

When businesses turn to digital transformation, they quickly experience positive changes in their value chain, in their business model, and in the offer of their services or products.

So, in order for a business to be successfully transformed in a digital way, regardless of its size and the type of industry it falls under, it is essential for the business owner and all of the company’s departments to implement some technological solutions to their daily operations, and that is where BPM suites comes into play!

Digital transformation and BPMS

Business process management software or BPM suites for short is an automation tool which enables businesses to monitor, execute, implement, model, and optimize all of their processes. Incredible benefits of these tools are most commonly seen in terms of:

Cost efficiency – Companies which have implemented some kind of a BPM tool to their business operations usually report that they have experienced significant cost savings – between 30 and 50 percent.

Visibility – The best way to achieve visibility is through effective collaboration, project updates sharing, and all-time access to status reports, and BPM tools allow you to do all of that in an easy and efficient way.

Agility – These solutions enable your employees to be very agile when it comes to addressing and solving your customers’ problems. If your customer support agents have an ability to solve any issue in a timely manner, it is highly likely that the customers will feel valued and choose to stay loyal to your company as a result.

Productivity – We are all aware of the fact that manual tasks can take a significant amount of our valuable time. Luckily, BPM solutions are designed to take care of these tedious processes, allowing your employees to focus on more relevant aspects of the business and to be more productive.

Employee satisfaction – The satisfaction of your employees should be as important to you as customer satisfaction. Happy employees are more productive, and BPM technology can help them with collaboration, communication, project execution, which will greatly facilitate their work.

Now let us focus on ways BPM systems can help you achieve digital transformation:

Through analytics – Thanks to the reporting and analytics feature these software systems offer, you and your team will be able to identify trends, opportunities, and any potential issues.

Through collaboration tools – Implementing a BPM tool can greatly improve the interdepartmental communication in your organization which will contribute to greater effectiveness.

Through the mobile support feature – Modern day BPM tools are available for all mobile devices so that every member of your business can have an all-time access to important data even when they are on the go.

Through integration – The best BPM solutions have an option to be integrated with your already existing systems, which is crucial if you want to avoid time-consuming manual data transfer.


To sum up, it is clear how BPM technology can help you automate your business processes and achieve the much needed digital transformation. So, if you want to maintain your competitiveness, implement this powerful tool and you are guaranteed to quickly see the results!